Anonymous said: what do i do when my boyfriend's friends don't like me?The thing is i don't like them either. His group of friends and i have bad history and he tries to avoid them when i'm around. He also lies when hanging out with them. I don't exactly like that he's with them but i HATE that he lies to me.

i think you need to have a good honest talk with your boyfriend. explain to him what you don’t like as calmly and collectively as you can. you don’t want to be the girl that gets in between your boyfriend and his bros. after you two do some compromise maybe you can ask him to be the mediator between you and his friends. your best bet is to get him to see that both parties can get along with some common ground. best of luck to you~

Friday Jul 7 @ 12:45am

Anonymous said: im talking to a guy right now. he is super hot ): like really hot. he has never had a girlfriend before and im not sure if he likes me and is scared or if we are just friends. our views on everything are the same. we make each other laugh... idk how do i go about dating him?

Well, you should really let things go with the flow~ like, don’t try to push it just yet & really get to know him. he may be really cute & you guys may have many things in common but that doesn’t truly mean you like him. Once you feel that you really know him then maybe you guys should start dating. This is just because I find that if a relationship is too rushed, then it most likely will not be as strong as one that started from a stable friendship. That’s not to say that this is the case all the time, but just from what I have observed myself. I really do wish luck for you & i hope that everything works out (:

Saturday Feb 2 @ 04:59pm

i-talk said: I was just think about whether someone had created an advice blog! Because I was thinking about creating one!! But you've thought about it before me!! :) It's great that there are stil good people here that care about others! Keep doing them! :)

thank you!(: just because we have an advice blog already, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one as well! haha, thanks for the support, once again~

Tuesday Nov 11 @ 08:20pm

Anonymous said: Im currently getting into a relationship with this guy that I really really like, but here is the problem, I've never been in a relationship before and im scared that i wont know what to do. please help :(

Ohh, you really shouldn’t worry about that because once you’re in a relationship, you’ll know what feels right & what doesn’t. It pretty much comes intuitively for most things. There is really no wrong way to act in a relationship besides the obvious stuff, like not being mean & such. Trust me, you will be fine (: 

Sunday Oct 10 @ 10:14am

Anonymous said: I'm incredibly shy, and usually that results in me not talking to strangers who I would probably get along with. Usually that doesn't bug me, but recently I've taken an interest in a guy in a class of mine, and I'm going to feel like crap if I don't say anything to him. I'm just lost...what should I say? I have no reason to talk to him and we have no mutual friends.

Well, I have had the same problem because like you, I am shy too but you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying to befriend new people. Some people even find it cute when girls are shy, haha. Just approach him & try to make conversation, trust me, it sucks a lot more not knowing what could have happened. 

Monday Sep 9 @ 07:28pm

Anonymous said: P1A guy and I met a little while before we started college on the freshman FB page. We started talking and exchanged numbers and things got flirty. We talked for like 2 months every day being super cute and corny and shit and by the time school started I got really excited. However once school started he seemed slightly less interested. Nothing too alarming but his texts and shit were just more distant. He never really made too much of an effort to hang out except late at night

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:46pm

Anonymous said: P2 (I'm assuming he was drunk when he'd do this) when I never could. Finally on one of these nights we hung out (he was drunk), I smoked and got high, I stayed the night at his place (messed around) and then left the next morning. I tried talking to him but he was super distant and after a week I texted him asking him what the deal was and he responded with "calm down it's college" and that he "liked me but liked being single too" and it's been a few weeks now and I'm spending

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:46pm

Anonymous said: every day thinking about him, stalking his FB like a weirdo, etc. cause I really liked him but too him I'm just a random one night stand who he probably hasn't even thought about since. I wonder if those were his intentions all along…point is I like this guy a lot but we didn't even know each other too well or hang out often enough for me to feel justified in trying to get him back, or even talking to him for that matter, etc. Idk I'm just venting haha

well, I think that you shouldn’t take what this guy says to heart. I understand that it sucks that it was taken more seriously than what the guy originally intended. He shouldn’t have led you on but don’t let that get under your skin. As far as I’m concerned, this guy is already coming off as a jerk & you shouldn’t sweat it. College is a great experience & you shouldn’t be worrying about silly things like boys. Enjoy & like i said earlier, try not to sweat the small stuff because in a month or two, you’ll forget all about it, i promise! hide him on your newsfeed & block his facebook & delete his number on your phone. It’s extremely difficult at first, you will be tempted but you just have to resist it. after you do so, i promise that it gets easier as long as you do not return once you get over it. you can do it, i know it’s possible (:

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:46pm

Anonymous said: Hi I am a year 11 student who has never been in a relationship and not that i want to yet either but lately i felt alot of pressure to get a boyfriend becuase all my friends have one and they go on triple dates whilst i'm like a 3rd wheel what should i do??? Thanks in advance x

well, I know that it sucks feeling like you’re left out in that aspect but at the same time, you shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of getting a boyfriend just because you feel like you’re third-wheeling. If you get a boyfriend, it should be because you truly have feelings for the guy & he makes you happyy.  

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:34pm

Anonymous said: Just wondering what people do with their relationships after they graduate high school. My boyfriend and I are rising seniors and we have been together since April of freshman year. We are very close to each other. I love him a lot and he is my best friend. Likely we won't go to the same school or to schools that are close to each other. It's been on my mind lately and I was curious about what other people do or have done.

I personally have not been in the situation but I believe that if the both of you truly are willing to make it work, I know that it’s possible. My cousin & her boyfriend have been together since Sophomore year of High School & they’ve both graduated from college last year & are still happily together. It will be difficult because the both of you will be meeting new people but if you both work on the relationship & are willing to get through the inevitable trials, it can happen. 

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:30pm

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